What makes you stay in a restaurant, besides the food? We know the atmosphere will make you stay! As soon as you walk in the Como.Miel and Como.Bar, you’ll immediately be drawn in. The atmosphere is 100% pleasant and inviting. The atmosphere moves with the crowd, but each person always comes and leaves happy. What contributes mostly to the atmosphere?

  • Up beat Music
  • A warm, Peaceful Environment
  • A Friendly Crowd
  • Genuine Staff Members
  • Great Smelling Food

You’ll never forget this place, but it will always remain on your mind. Coco.Miel and Coco.Bar allows you to forget about your everyday life and have a moment to yourself for some fun and excitement. Have you ever been in a restaurant that was so relaxed that you didn’t want to leave? Well you’ve come to the right place! The Coco.Miel and Coco.Bar will take care of all your needs, and the atmosphere contributes greatly to that. A lot of our customers enjoy the atmosphere, but how can you not enjoy it? We can’t say enough about the atmosphere. It’s so worthwhile just to be in the presence of this wonderful restaurant. We promise you won’t be sorry once you step foot in the door.

Come to the right place!